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A bit of concept art I did for a story I've been working on for a while. The story isn't anywhere near ready for public viewing, sadly, but the art is! =3
A cane I designed for one of my RP characters, chap by the name of Jason. He's a Hermetic mage, and the cane is, of course, enchanted.
Just a dagger I drew. This is actually one of my more recent works, and I think it shows.
Dragon's Tail
I'm not sure WHAT to call this thing, as far as a weapon type goes, but it was fun to draw and it looks cool.
Your standard double-bladed swordstaff. Even if I borrowed another piece for its handle. >_>;;;
Just my take on a falchion. Move along...
Inverse Dagger
They call these things Ulu in Alaska. =3 I think they look cool.
An enchanted blade I drew for the previously-mentioned story. One of these days, I'll get around to finishing that story. ...Maybe.
Not sure whether this is technically a longsword or a broadsword, but it looks nice.
Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer, in Latin, written in Norse runes. With a cross. =3 My one and only personally-designed desktop background.
Paired Daggers
I'm not sure what to say about this one. It's a pair of daggers.
Focus Rod
Long time ago, I had a character who could make energy blades sprout from the ends of this thing. The character has been dead a long time, but the art lives on.
A broadsword. With runes!
Sapphire Spider
The very first spider blade I designed. It's easy to tell this is one of my earlier works, but it still looks nice.
Crystal Staff
Your standard crystal-topped mage staff.
Iron Widow v1.0
The first revision to the Sapphire Spider turned this into a drow-worthy blade. It was done not long after the original, so a lot of the styling elements are the same - somewhat crude by my current standards, but not -too- bad.
Iron Widow v2.0
The most recent incarnation of the Widow sword. It's a bit gaudy, but the colors blend a hell of a lot better than any of the others; maybe I should put in another revision to make it less jewel-y?

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