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Welcome to Rogue Writers Productions. Been a while since I started putting this place together, and it's been through a lot of changes - mostly in formatting and presentation, sadly, not a hell of a lot of new content.

The original idea, such as it was, was to give people a place to publish their works online. Yeah, I know; there's about thirteen billion other places that already do that. The difference here is quality, or that's the vision. Unlike some of those other places, the art should be tasteful, the writing good, and the community friendly. That's failed pretty badly up till now - there's only one author/artist on board, and he's writing these pages. Nevertheless, the mission statement holds:

If you are an aspiring artist or writer, and you can submit good quality work, I'll post it up here and give you full credit. There are not nor will there ever be any advertisements on the site proper. The forums, being hosted offsite, are an obvious exception. If you want to be seen, or heard, or simply want to put up some stuff for your friends to see, give me a yell and I'll see what I can do. Your content remains yours; if you want it removed, all you have to do is say the word.

...and that's pretty much it. Enjoy your browsing.

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